Samstag, 4. August 2012


So what's the china tea paradox?

Tea for two or lead for one?


 The phylum AmericA or US of A is the largest of the combat phyla,

 and includes all animals that have peace missions 

and missionaires in 150 combat mission's all over the world

they have an armored exoskeleton, they call that the war lord chariots 

a segmented body in series of aerial and terrestrial and naval appendages,

 and six or more jointed divisions of killing machines.

There are nine classes within the phylum, five of which are average human 

and four semi-human powered flying device's

the semi-Semisovereign nation's or  people's are  relatively familiar with  five

first– the flying cavalry

or the insects of war , the 1st Cavalry arial...and other numbers of war  

the flying cavalry is arriving… seguramente pelo seguro is the best way

second or secundo the armored cavalry (or U.S.of A armored)

that  began to replace the primordial armored arachnids and crustaceans of war

third or turd - the first line Infantry - the Legio or Legion  or the Wurttemberg Line Infantry

that is The same  First Light Infantry the centipedes of war or centurias

quadri ga or four- the militia company the cheapest toy soldier and millipedes of war

cheap and expendable

fünf  or slaughterhouse five - the shipahi or sepoy or sipaio the killer of his brothers (in law?)

Of all known species of animals on the planet, 99,9% are shipahi in potential 

 And this number just reflects the known species of Homo shipahiens.

The People: A Realist’s View of Democracy in the  American world

 that aproach like the roach is old old boboy

 Education is thus a most powerful lead to the transition to a new order of dependent people ,

an semisovereign people…. remaining to be discovered and named at around 6999 million, 

or for instance, the mass of all of the semisovereign people's  on the earth 

is far greater than the mass of all the humans and dinosaurs on this earth

There are low incidents of warlike feature all over 

 and in Asia even though Asians, especially Chinese,crave for a new order

and new order's drink blood

syrian blood until 2013?

and next?


  1. a german by or bi-log4. August 2012 um 19:08

    schreiben als:Germany


    United States




    germany rules or pays something like that...

  2. No Frankreich arbeit schloss'ers?4. August 2012 um 19:11

    Arbeit macht frei ó match box...
    Signatur :die bayerischen kameraden

    treffen und termine

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